Sponsorship Opportunities

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Sponsoring our podcast epidoses offers a unique and dynamic opportunity to reach a targeted and engaged audience. Sponsors benefit from direct access to a loyal listener base that trusts our content and values our recommendations. This relationship fosters a more authentic and effective form of marketing. Your brand and message becomes associated with the quality and reliability of our show.

We offer three different levels of sponsorship; Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Review all the details below and choose the one that fits you the best. If interested, let us know by filling out the provided form below or by emailing us directly to [email protected]


200THB: Includes 1 mention during an episode. (15-20 seconds)
Equivalent to USD $5.50
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400THB: Includes 2 mentions during an episode. (30-40 seconds total)
Equivalent to USD $11.00
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500THB: Includes 2 mentions plus PSA during an episode. (30-40 seconds plus mid-episode commercial)
Equivalent to USD $14.00
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