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Students Incorporated podcast is a project based learning initiative that's written and produced by Mr Jason's marketing class from the International Community School of Bangkok. Each season represents one school year, 2 semesters. There are 32 episodes produced each season. This real life learning initiative provides hands-on opportunities for all levels of students to fill a role and contribute to the betterment of the large and epanding listening community. Check out the student teams below.

Get to Know the Students Incorporated Podcast Season 2 Team
Students Incoporated season 2 team

Left to right: Rebekah, Premmy, Chanya, Mr Jason, Yenhao

rebekah Rebekah
My name is YuanShan (Rebekah) Han and I am a Junior at the International Community School, Bangkok. I am a very outgoing person who loves to take adventures and try new things in life. I am passionate about writing poetry, especially about my faith journey. I'm also a Student-Athlete on the Varsity Volleyball team and Badminton team. I enjoy playing volleyball and badminton and coaching the next generation on how to play these fun sports! In my spare time, I work as an Intermediate Barista in Seacon Square's Espresso Academy Thailand. I also make great Thai tea!

premmy Premmy
Premmy Mepremwattana is a junior in Thailand, who spends summers in the States. Having been recognized by the Alliance for Young Writers and Artists, she serves as founder and co-editor-in-chief for the Alexandrian Review, and is a senior editor at Polyphony Lit, among other magazines. She is also the co-president of Fifty Squared, a UN-recognized nonprofit feminist organization, and is dedicated to amplifying voices among marginalized and underrepresented communities. You can follow her writing account @premmys_pages.

When not reading, writing, or getting too emotionally invested in fictional characters, she spends her time drinking bubble tea and creating memories with friends and family. She loves being a co-host and a writer/editor for Students Incorporated!

chanya Chanya
My name is Chanya Ngamvirojcharoen. I'm Thai Taiwanese American and currently a senior at Bangkok ICS. As part of the students incorporated podcast, I am an administrator and graphic designer for the team. My experiences of graphic designing and love for art has ranged from being the president of the NAHS Art club and designing the ICS high school common's mural to designing instagram posts for the senior class of 2024. On a typical day, you would catch me drawing abstract patterns on my sticky notes, listening to music, and baking!

mr jason Mr Jason
My name is Jason Weimer but my students call me Mr Jason. I'm a business professional turned educator. I teach several business and technology classes at the International Communinity School of Bangkok. When I'm not teaching or podcasting you can find me running my own business Simple Coffee with branches in Bangkok and Hanoi. I also like to be with my family, enjoy great food and travel.

yenhao Yen Hao
Hello, my Name is Yen Hao, and I'm part of the 2023-2024 Students Incorporated Podcast team. As this is my last year in high school, it's been a lot of fun trying new things, such as taking this class and working on every episode along with the rest of the team.

A big thing you should know is that I like watching anime and then joking about it with my friends, who are also anime fans. Whenever I ask people where they want to go for vacation, it's always Japan. Honestly, I couldn't disagree. However, I do have a life outside of all that. My other hobbies include reading manga (not that much better), playing the piano, and sleeping. Overall, my life seems pretty boring. However, I do try new things sometimes, such as attempting to create a website and contributing to Bangkok's pollution problem. I aspire to create an ethical business in the future that would allow me to help solve more problems that plague our country, and have fun doing so. Overall, being on the team this year has really been a blast.

Students Incorporated Podcast Season 1 Team
Students Incoporated season 1 team

Left to right: Rani, Tasia, Matshi, Darren, Phookhao, Linda, Lion, Kush, Mr Jason (center)

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