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Published : March 8th, 2024
Contributors : Premmy Mepremwattana and Jason Weimer

Featuring art and design teacher Mr. Jonathan Pregg and his student artists, this article explores the complexities of art sales, gallery management, and career prospects for artists in today’s age, as well as Mr. Jonathan’s own personal journey. Enriched with perspectives on the value of art as an investment and the evolution of art careers in the modern world, this article is not just about art as a form of expression, but also its place in the business and technology landscape, offering insights for anyone interested in the broader scope of art in today's society.

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The Business of Art

Art is not just about creativity and expression– it's a thriving industry. The sale of art pieces, the operation of galleries, and the myriad of job opportunities available to artists are testaments to this. The business side of art is as intricate and fascinating as the artworks themselves. Galleries, for instance, play a pivotal role in the art market. They not only showcase artists' works but also act as gatekeepers of taste and trends. They often take a commission from sales, providing artists with exposure and a platform to sell their creations.

The value of art as an investment cannot be overstated. Iconic pieces like Andy Warhol's "Blue Marilyn" have sold for staggering amounts, highlighting art's potential as a stable financial investment. This aspect of the art world shows that art is not just about aesthetics; it's also about economics and investment.

Education in Art

Art education plays a crucial role in nurturing creativity and technical skills. Our guest, Mr. Jonathan Pregg, emphasizes the importance of exploring different art styles and finding one's niche. He advocates for painterly realism, a style that blends the truth of the world with artistic interpretation. Educators like Mr. Jonathan play a vital role in guiding young artists, helping them navigate the vast sea of artistic possibilities.

Career opportunities in art are as varied as the colors on a palette. From art directors who oversee the visual aspect of projects to multimedia artists and animators, the scope is vast and exciting. Mr. Jonathan’s insight into the top-paying art careers in this modern age is especially important, showing that passion in art can indeed translate into a rewarding career.

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Image Source: Jonathan Pregg

Student Perspectives

The views of guest student artists, Faith and Anna, offer a fresh glimpse into the world of young creators. Their journey through various art classes and participation in clubs like the National Art Honor Society demonstrates the support schools can provide to foster artistic talent. These young artists find inspiration in the mundane and the extraordinary, proving that art is a reflection of life in all its forms.

Their involvement in school art shows, auctions, and mural projects is a testament to their dedication and the opportunities provided by educational institutions for artistic expression. Their plans to pursue art in higher education and integrate it with other fields like social work show a commendable desire to use their talent for societal benefit.

Art and Technology

The intersection of art and technology, particularly the emergence of AI in art, poses new questions and opportunities. As Mr. Jonathan points out, every new technology disrupts but also creates new avenues. AI art, while controversial, is another tool for artistic expression. Though aided by technology, it still requires human creativity at its core and therefore remains a human endeavor.

Modern vs. Traditional

The debate between modern and traditional art is as old as art itself. Mr. Jonathan encourages exploring and understanding the significance of different art styles, emphasizing the importance of visual literacy. Understanding the evolution of art and its impact on society enriches our appreciation of both traditional and modern artworks.

Advice for Aspiring Artists

For those looking to enter the art industry, the key is to find a specific career path that resonates with them. Exploring different art styles, understanding market demands, and honing relevant skills are crucial steps. As our guest student artists advise, being kind to oneself and avoiding detrimental comparisons are important for both personal and artistic growth.


Art is a world that constantly evolves, encompassing creativity, business, and technology. It offers a universe of possibilities for those willing to explore it. Whether you are an artist, a student, or simply an art enthusiast, the world of art has something for everyone. Embrace it, explore it, and let it inspire you.

Remember, "The world is always brighter when you have created something that wasn't there before." – Neil Gaiman.
Keep creating, keep exploring, and let the world of art enrich your life.

Whether you’re a weathered artist, or just someone starting out, we hope you were able to take something away from this blog post feeling a little more inspired to make some art! Don’t forget to listen to this episode on any streaming platforms, check out our latest ones, and follow us on social media platforms! Until then, artists!

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About Jonathan Pregg
Jonathan Pregg serves as a High School art teacher at the International Community School of Bangkok.

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